Thanksgiving Throwdown

I did something this morning that would have befuddled me from a year or two ago.  I participated in a Crossfit competition.  This was Celebration Crossfit’s Thanksgiving Throwdown – my partner, Winston, and I squared off against five other teams, and we had zero shot of winning anything.  We were there for the workout and the fun.

And it was fun.  I particularly enjoyed the farmer’s carry – that’s one of my favorites.  We finished tied for last place.  Our team, Hurricane Bernabe, did not embarrass itself.  And I got a Saturday workout and a t-shirt out of the deal.  Good times!

A quick step back – imagine, six months ago, the idea of me joining, and being at least somewhat competitive in, a Crossfit Competition.  Yeah – we’ve come a long way, baby.  The other great thing about these pictures – as good as I feel and as proud as I am, I’m still the fat guy here.  They, correctly, show me that I’ve come a long way, but that I can’t get comfortable because I have a long way to go.  Here’s to the next 50 pounds.

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