Weigh In 7-24-2015

Good morning to the one or two of you that might actually see this!

Friday mornings are my weigh in mornings – and this morning, I weighed in at 317.8 pounds, which is a 4.2 pound loss from last week and a total of 5.2 pounds.

Which is outstanding.  I needed to see a week work to keep up the motivation – and this week worked.  I had a very good week in terms of my food consumption and exercise.  In particular, I have been for 5 runs since last Friday, which is the best extended stretch of getting out there I have had in over a year.

Quick note on weigh in timing:  I chose Friday very deliberately, and that is a Weight Watchers thing.  If you aren’t familiar, Weight Watchers works on points – they assign a point value to everything you eat and drink, and you are given a daily allotment of points that you are supposed to stay within.  You can eat whatever you want, but you have to stay within those points.  On top of that, you are given a weekly allotment of “cheat” points – best I can tell, this is 49 points for everybody, regardless of what your daily allotment is.  That 49 points can be used any way you want – you can go over your daily allotment by a little bit every day, or you can save it up and blow it out on one big meal.  The rule is that you can’t save up your daily points – use ’em or lose ’em – and when you run out of those extra points you’re pretty constrained.  Crucially, your points reset on your weigh-in day.

I find it much more difficult to stay within my daily point total on the weekends, for a lot of reasons that are probably obvious enough I don’t need to discuss.  So most of my 49 points winds up getting used between Friday dinner and Sunday dinner, with Friday dinner and, believe it or not, Sunday breakfast being the two huge weak spots. When I first started WW, I was using a calendar week and weighing in on Sunday morning.  The problem with that is that all of that my perception of weigh-ins was that they were being skewed.  And so I was depriving myself needlessly or feeling very guilty about things even when I stayed within my points.  Also, if I had a slip up during the week and was very low on points, I was finding it hard to keep it reined in on the weekends.

By weighing in on Friday I get rid of almost all of that psychological crap.  And, for the record, I know that is all psychological.  Over time, this comes out in the wash.  However, managing my energy is a big part of this process, and this way I just don’t have to spend any energy worrying about tonight’s perfectly legal dinner unduly impacting tomorrow morning’s weigh in.


Progress is good!  I feel great, and this is just the kick in the ass I needed.


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