W-i-i-i-d-e Load

I find it remarkable, after losing 25 pounds and feeling good and starting to really see results, how a quick picture, taken when you aren’t trying to look your best, makes you realize that you still have a large way to go.

Pictures taken this morning, and they’re pretty badass, but if I look this big now, how in the hell must I have looked 25 pounds ago?



This is a paused front squat – got to get down into that position and hold it for 5 seconds, then stand up.  The pressure on my wrists to hold the bar was the most painful – I ordered some wrist wraps today.  Now, to focus on narrowing the load.

I’ve got a big ass, is what I’m saying.  I mean I’ve got junk in the trunk.  Big.Ass.Wide.Load

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