Flat Lines

For four weeks in a row, I weighed in at exactly the same weight.  No up, no down, just the same, each week.  My graph looked like:


You see that flat line down there at the bottom?  That’s enough for a Grade A freakout if you aren’t prepared.  If you are accustomed to a steady pattern of losing weight at a pace of 1.5 – 2.0 pounds per week.

Food is the culprit, as you might guess.  It isn’t that I’ve gone crazy and started eating whatever I want in all of the quantities I want.  No – I’ve just relaxed a little.  An extra bite here or there adds up, you know.

Also, unlike previous efforts at getting slimmer, the exercising I’m doing has a distinct muscle-building and body-composition-changing element to it.  So, though my weight number got stuck in one spot for a month, my body was still changing and I’m very close to requiring another belt purchase.  I’ll take some pictures soon.

All of this would be difficult to work with if there were no perspective.  If I only had a visual way of seeing how much progress I’ve made, where I am relative to my ultimate goal and my ideal path, and how significant these four weeks are in the grand scheme of things.

Oh, wait.


And notice that little dip at the end?  I focused on food last week and lost 1.5 pounds.

Heads down – lets do this.

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

One thought on “Flat Lines”

  1. I’ve been quite happy with my diet and exercise, I know what im doing and I’m just trying to be consistent so I haven’t been worrying about the results too much. Ok my weight has plateaued but I’m not gaining and I feel ok so what’s not to like? But today I got the tape measure out – no weight loss for 3 months but 3 inches off my waist and hips. Oh and my body fat % is coming down 😊 If you can measure other parameters say 1x per month do – it tells another story because the scales dont have it all!

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