Secondary Goals

So, my primary goal is out there, but there are other things I want to get to.  Some of these I find hard to label “goal”, in the sense that they may not be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely).  But they are places I want to be and things I want to be working toward, so they also count.

Another way of looking at this is a way I have started talking with my 4-year old – we talk about things I can do when I get smaller.  Right now, there are just things I can’t physically do, and there are things I could physically do but I’m just not comfortable with.  And I hate that.  I saw a phrase in a magazine a few weeks ago that really resonated – “adventure ready body”.  I consider myself “adventure ready” mentally, but I do not have an “adventure ready body.”  That must change.


  • Be comfortable at a beach or a pool without my shirt on.  I live in Florida – being unwilling to take my shirt off around water is a problem.
  • Go kayaking.  I freaking love being on the water, and I think I will freaking love kayaking.  But the last time I tried I was so uncomfortable and unstable in the boat – partly because of my sheer weight, and partly because of just unstable balance and core.  Especially around here, feeling unstable is no good because alligators.  But I refuse to give up on the idea, and so my body must match the desire.
  • Try rock climbing.  Another thing I think I’d love, but that my body is just not capable of doing.  I have too much weight and not enough strength.  Both of those things are changing.
  • Start keeping track of bag nights.  I love to hike and camp, and I don’t do it enough because it can be hard.  I don’t have the energy, and the physical work is just exhausting.  It has been on the order of years since I’ve done even minor camping.  That has to change, if for no other reason than that I’m committed to introducing my kids to the outdoors.
  • Finally run that marathon.  I’m signed up for a couple of halfs (halves?), and I’ve got my eye on a couple of fall 2017 full marathons in case I want to try and do that this year.  But it is time to get serious about this – even if I only ever do just one, I need to check that box.
  • Get a bike.  A real one.  One that can allow me to learn how to do it for speed and get comfortable on it.  I feel like a schlub walking into a bike store right now – feels like the investment is a bit of a waste.  That’ll change as I get further along. Ultimately, it would be fun to attempt a triathlon, but that is far enough out that it doesn’t get its own entry here.

There are others, I guess.  Vain things about how I look, and about how other people look at me.  But none of that really matters all that much in the grand scheme.  The two relevant things here are – 1.  be ready to go on adventures and, 2. make sure I’m ready to introduce my kids to the outdoors.  Beyond that, everything is gravy.

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

2 thoughts on “Secondary Goals”

  1. The body will follow the mind! It’s going to be so much fun when you look back at this in a years time😊

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