They say that setting goals is important, and communicating them is equally important.  In that spirit, lets talk about goals.

Back in February I turned 38, and on that day I weighed 314.8 pounds.  Which is not as heavy as I was back in 2012 when I started this blog, but still much heavier than I was in 2013 when I ran the Ragnar.  Now, I know that a healthy rate of weight loss is about one pound per week.  And I also know that BMI and other models indicate that I’m at least 100 pounds overweight for my height, if not body structure. (FTR, I don’t like BMI, either.).  In two years, I will turn 40.  There are 52 weeks in a year.  I’m 100 pounds overweight.  I want to lose about 1 pound per week.  These numbers seemed to work too well, and led to the following goal:

I will have lost 100 pounds by my 40th birthday, and I will do that by losing, on average, 1 pound per week beginning on my 38th birthday.  I will establish benchmark weights for each week along the way, and I will weigh myself weekly and track against those benchmarks.

The goal-setting model I have learned in my business career is called the SMART model … goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.  That obviously informed the articulation of the above goal, and I think I hit everything.  The goal is:

Specific – I articulate numbers and timelines and even expected rates of loss

Measurable – We’re weighing ourselves here, so that’s easy – and I have a benchmark to track against.

Achievable – After having lost the weight I did in 2013, I’m convinced that this is very possible.  Even after it has been achieved, BMI will consider me overweight, if not obese. Physically, if I want it I can get there, no question.

Realistic – Different animal.  I do think this is realistic, but will require a big change in how I do things.  I have not missed a weekday workout since mid-May, so that habit is coming along.  And I’m doing well with food, though that will be my downfall if I have one.  I can change how I eat, and in that sense, it is realistic.  What I worry about more is how realistic it is that I will keep this weight off once I lose it.  That’s a topic for another time.

Timely – Specific start and end dates, with specific check-in dates.  Time isn’t an issue.

So … that’s the goal.  It is a big one, and I guess I’m nervous having it out there.  I started off with a bang and immediately gained weight after my birthday.  From that 314.8 in February, I got as high as 322.6 in late March.  That’s when I made the decision to start Crossfit, and so far, that has really turned things around.  The exercise itself of course is very good, but mostly it has helped me focus on my food consumption.  No formal tracking process this time – I’m just working hard to make good choices.  So far, so good.

As of this week, I’m 1.2 pounds (so just over a week) behind schedule.  In order to be back on schedule I need to lose 2.2 pounds this week – but I’ll take anything over 1 pound just to make progress.  I’ve lost, on average, 1.9 pounds per week for the last 12 weeks, and until I get caught up anything over 1 is a successful week.  Once I get caught up, I’m as happy as I can be with 1 pound a week.

Pound a Week

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I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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