September Review

And, just like that, it is October now.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

September went well.  I went for 17 runs for a total of 52.3 miles.  That should have been more like 20 runs for 60 or so miles, but I wound up missing a couple of runs around my national sales meeting.  I did not miss the whole week, though, which makes me feel pretty good.

The last weigh-in I did before 9/1 was 313 pounds even, and the last weigh-in I did before 10/1 was 304.8 pounds – so I lost 8.2 pounds in September, which is roughly 2 pounds per week. At that pace, this will become serious weight loss really quickly.

Some other fun stuff – I got to go saltwater fishing for the first time in my life, and caught my first redfish.  This inspired me, and I now have a freshwater fishing license and gear – there are bass in my future.  I got awfully close to a bunch of birds (more on that at some point in the future) and some (admittedly small) alligators.  We got to go to Legoland, which was a ton of fun.

Overall, a really above-average month.  If all goes well, I’ll get well over 60 miles (and maybe hit 70) in October, and that will include two different 5K events.  One of those is this Saturday, and I’m excited.

Lets do this.

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