New Year’s Not Resolutions

One thing I’ve always considered interesting is how polarizing the discussion of New Year’s Resolutions becomes.  On one side, you’ve got those that make them, or have made them.  They use the New Year as a fresh start – and they do so with varying levels of success.  They invade gyms for two or three weeks … and often, and usually, go home.  Sometimes, though, they break through … and it was a New Year’s Resolution that started it.

Then you’ve got the other side.  The folks that not only don’t “do” New Year’s Resolutions, but they look down on those that do.  Like this quote:  “New Years resolutions are for the weak…if you live life being the best person you can be EVERY day, then you will have no reason to make yourself better one day out of the year!”  Or this tweet from The Oatmeal:

Now – I lean toward agreeing with the latter … if you do it right, you won’t need a resolution.  But, see, it isn’t black and white, and it isn’t that easy.  I’ve seen resolutions work – my Dad finally quit a 3-pack a day habit with a New Year’s Resolution.  It was a reason, maybe it was an excuse, but it did it.  Sometimes a resolution doesn’t work and is annoying – but sometimes it is able to provide that final push over the line.

So I don’t judge.  I don’t really make resolutions, but I don’t judge.

Last year, on New Year’s Day, I went for a 3.1 mile run – I didn’t run a formal race, but I went out and did that.  And while it wasn’t a resolution, it was the kick I needed to focus on a goal that had already been made.  And so it worked like a resolution, I guess.  And what made it all work was that the goals had been set.

And so this year, I’m going to articulate some goals.  Not resolutions, exactly … but this is what I’m working toward in 2014.

Good luck in the coming year!  May your goals be challenging but achievable, and may they provide you with a beacon to march toward.


1,000 miles

At least one race or running event every month

Finish the marathon … and not let it scare me from bigger goals


Weight Watchers.  Every day.  It works.

Water.  Consistently. Much more water.

Keep the bacon, egg, & cheese sandwich to Friday morning only … but drink a leaded Dr. Pepper with it.


Take my son camping.  In such a way that he’ll want to go again.

Give my wife at least one day a month, every month, that’s just hers.

Cook more.  I love it, but didn’t make it a priority this year.  Change that.


Spend time, every day, making & revising my things-to-do list.

Two contacts a month.  I hate “networking,” but it is just a reality.

Give my team Christmas presents.


Minimum of two blog entries per week through March.  Up to four by the end of the year.  Make the blog work.

One tweet per day.  Every day.  And try to make it meaningful.

Get the basement finished.  All the way.

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