One of the most flattering pictures of me ever taken

And its a freaking selfie.

I’m traveling for work this week – and, dear god, these people are trying to make me gain 5 pounds this week with the food.  Steak place, seafood place, tonight is Italian.  I’m not going to complain about good food, but making good choices is challenging this week.

Geocaching is something I do, and so going to new-ish to me cities is fun.  We’re in Chicago, which I have visited, but not extensively, and there is a “virtual” geocache at the Cloud Gate, that big reflective bean in Millennium Park.  The way to get credit is to take a picture of your reflection in the bean with your face clearly visible.  So, I routed my run this morning to take me right past the Cloud Gate, and snapped a quick picture on the way. This picture combines a good angle, good light, and a favorable drape of my shirt, to make me, for an instant, not feel like a 300 pound man. I like it.  I’m in.

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