Before Pictures

I did something this time that I’ve never done before – I took before pictures.  I’ve been considering writing a long, emotional post about how I’ve always been embarrassed by my body and I hate for people to see me without a shirt on and I always wear a shirt even when I’m swimming and all of that kind of business.

Then I realized – to hell with that.  Enough with the navel-gazing.

This is embarrassing for me, mostly because these pictures even gross ME out.  But – what the heck.  This won’t look like this forever.  These were taken April 16th, and I was at about 320 pounds.  I’ll try and do another set this weekend to see if a month of living right has made a difference.

The goal, by the way, is to get to the point that I can feel comfortable without a shirt at the beach or the pool.  One day.

Before ... 4-16-16
Before … 4-16-16
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