Something a little different…

They say when you come back from an extended gap from blogging – and even especially when you’re blogging about getting back into shape and then you fall off the edge of the world … that you don’t owe an explanation.  No need to say “Sorry” or “So … this happened” – nope, just get back in the saddle and start writing blogs.

In spite of that, here is my 30 second version – was doing great, loving life, down about 15 pounds back in the fall, and then got busy with work travel and then the holidays and then the family and de-prioritized my health and gained all of that back and then some.  My blood pressure got back up to a-doctor-would-put-me-on-medicine levels, and I got fat again.  I’ve never approached the top that I hit back in 2012, but I’ve headed that way.

So since I’ve struggled with the methodology that worked so well when I first lost all the weight (running and Weight Watchers), I’ve decided it is time to do something new, and make the commitment a bit more formally and hard-core(ly?).

That’s right – I started Crossfit.

They made me do a fundamentals, Couch-to-Crossfit thing that took three weeks.  But this morning was my first regular class, and while it was a big step up it didn’t kill me.  I’m eating right, and the weight-loss, it is back on.

The posts are going to start up again – I took some proper before pictures that I’m getting the nerve up to post, and I need to talk about nutrition (spoiler:  I am not doing paleo) and scheduling and goals and fitting in running (I’m still a runner) and all of that other business.

In the meantime – hi again!

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

3 thoughts on “Something a little different…”

  1. Ha ha! I would never go to cross fit as everything I’ve heard about it makes me think that in not fit enough to go, but interested to hear that they made you do a ‘pre’ crossfit course! Looking forwards to hearing more!

    1. I’m not fit enough to go, either – but I came to believe that I won’t ever be if I just don’t. I don’t like struggling through the workouts, but so far the vibe I’m getting from my coaches and classmates is much more about how hard I work, not what I’m able to do or not do. So far, so good…

      1. That sounds really good, that everyone’s so encouraging. And good for you, being brave enough to go for it!

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