Weigh In – 10/2

Friday!  Little different lead in this week – usually I do my weigh-ins on Friday morning right after my morning run, and this morning I had a scheduled day off because I’m racing tomorrow.  I don’t consider waiting until after the run cheating since I do it every week, but any time something changes I get nervous – so I was nervous this morning.

Weight:  304.2

Weekly Loss:  (-0.6) pounds

Total Loss:  (-18.8) pounds

Average Weekly Loss:  (-1.57) pounds / week

So – this is one of those weeks where I have to understand that losing between 0.5 and 2 pounds per week is optimal, and that a loss of “only” 0.6 pounds is a good thing.  Because it is, unequivocally.  I’m right on the cusp of two big numbers, though, which does get my hopes up.  In 1.2 pounds, I’ll go over the 20 pounds lost threshold, and in 4.2 pounds I will go under 300 pounds.  Both of those are big deals, but I just need to get my patience.

Big week coming up.  I have my first 5K since July of 2014 tomorrow – the Great American Bacon Race in Tampa.  My goal for that race is to go run it.  Nothing else.  Obviously I’d like for my time in that one to be at least as fast as the time I put up in my first ever 5K back in 2013.  But I can’t look at it as failure if it isn’t – just being back out there is success.

I’m also traveling for work this week, to the scene of some spectacular food.  The best barbeque sandwich I’ve ever had was at a place called Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City.  They gave me this mound pulled pork served on Wonder Bread with a mustard-y sauce that was just spectacular.  And I haven’t been back to Kansas City since … but that changes, as of Monday.  And if you think I’m not going to go and HAMMER one of those barbeque sandwiches then you don’t know me very well.

Damn – now I’m hungry.

BUT – I’ve only got one scheduled run day while traveling, so that helps with keeping it up, and I’ll get focused on the rest of the meals.  Because I’ve got to be able to eat those sandwiches AND not weigh 400 pounds, and I might as well start figuring it out now.


Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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