Weigh In – 9/11/2015

Good week this week, across the board.  The hunger has settled down and become more manageable, and I’ve been able to tell a difference in how my clothes are fitting.  As such, I was optimistic about this weigh-in, and it didn’t disappoint.

Weight:  307.6 lbs

Weekly Loss:  (-3.2) lbs

Total Loss:  (-15.4) lbs

Weekly Average: (-1.71) lbs

So, yeah.  This is one of those weeks that will happen when you weigh over 300 pounds.  The 1 – 2 pounds / week average is a long term average, and also includes those weeks when I weigh much less than I do now.  Until then, there is so much extraneous crap on my body that it’ll shed pretty fast.  Obviously I’m very happy with this number, but one of the goals here is to not get all that excited.  In the coming weeks, I’ll have weeks where I barely lose any weight, if I lose any at all.  There may even be weeks with a slight uptick.  Those are OK, as long as the long term trend is down by 1 – 2 pounds per week.  That’s just math.  And I’d rather my energy and excitement level stay pretty steady than to get all excited by this and then get all down in the dumps when I have a week that’s not so good.

I had a couple of runs this week that didn’t feel good at all – I even skipped one on the theory that a little recovery isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  This morning’s run felt better, though.  The first mile was brutal, but the second and third miles felt a bit like old times, and let me know that it WILL come back, if I will just keep working at it.

Next week is a travel-for-work week, and it is our national meeting and all of the food and alcohol that goes with one of those.  I’ve moved my schedule around so that I only have one run scheduled during the week, and I’m determined not to flake out on that.  And then I’ll just have to watch myself with the food.  Wish me luck.


Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

4 thoughts on “Weigh In – 9/11/2015”

  1. You sound like you have it all under control☺️ I like the way you have a long term plan and are sticking to it. Well done so far and good luck with your work week. A break in routine is always challenging!

  2. Great Job! I’ve lost 50lbs so far and losing the last 20 is proving difficult x I’ve maintained for the past 16 weeks now and it’s time I kick myself up the butt! Good luck on the rest of your journey xxxxxx

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