The grind

Blog posts about blogging are not something I’ve ever been able to get behind … entirely too meta and self-aware.  And redundant. But…

I find it remarkable how much these things go in fits and starts.  I’ve been doing well with my Weight Watchers points, and I’ve been running regularly.  The problem is that between those things, a couple of sick kids, and a couple of big deliverables at work … I gots nothing to talk about unless I want these updates to be “Ran 3 miles this morning, and evaded a Zombie horde…” or “Man, I had the damnedest time keeping in my WW points today.”  After awhile, those get repetitive and boring.

Sometimes there is excitement nearly every day.  Sometimes, like now, life is a grind, and you grind through it so that you’re prepared to take advantage when the exciting stuff comes along.

And we’re grinding…

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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