Weigh In / Long Run 12-28

So, this week happened to include a major holiday.  A major holiday typically marked by things like big meals.  And candy.  So much candy.

Weight:  274.8

Weekly Gain / (Loss):  1.0 pounds

Total Gain / (Loss):  (52.6 pounds)

Weekly Mileage:  22.37

And, given the aforementioned major holiday, this was not a surprise.  Any gain is always a disappointment, but I’m not devastated here, because I somewhat expected it.  I am clearly on a plateau – I’ve been basically the same weight, plus or minus 2 or 3 pounds, since the end of July, so five months now.  That’s mostly a food phenomenon, and I know it.  BUT – we’re through the holidays now, which makes keeping the eating under control easier … and the mileage is getting ready to ramp up.  So I’m optimistic.

On a positive note, that was a new record for my weekly mileage.  I also set a record for longest ever run – 14 miles this morning.  Overall, I was very happy with the run – the half marathon split would have been a PR by nearly 15 minutes – but the last mile was a shuffle.  What that run did for me was demonstrate two things:  1.) how much stronger I am than I was, and 2.) how far I have to go.  After mile 14, the thought of going another 12 (point 2) seems … out of reach.  Gotta keep working.

The mileage officially starts ramping up now – barring injury or something crazy, I’ll be doing 30 mile weeks within a month.  Coupled with a re-doubled focus on food intake, and I’m thinking that I can get some momentum going on the weight loss – which will make those miles seem easier.

Incidentally – I’m not a New Year’s resolution kind of guy – but look for a goals-type post coming up.  A preview – regular blogging is a goal.


Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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