Saturday Weigh In / Long Run

First – the line:

Weight:  273.4

Two Week Gain / (Loss):  (1.8 pounds)

Total Gain / (Loss):  (54 pounds)

Last week was a no-weigh-in week because of the travel for the race, and when you stack that on top of travel I was a bit concerned about this.  This week has been OK, though my mileage was a bit lower than planned (I think I got a bit aggressive with post-event recovery runs) and the food situation is only “meh”.

HOWEVER – that number went in the correct direction, which is fantastic.  I bought a dress shirt today with a neck a full inch smaller than I was wearing a few months ago … and it isn’t even that snug.  I’m legitimately too small for many of my clothes.  And the mileage is getting ready to slowly start ramping up.  So I feel optimistic going into the holidays.

Also – I have lost 54 pounds.  I was walking around with the equivalent of 4 or 5 fat babies strapped to my waist.  And they’re gone.  It’s a remarkable state of affairs.

My long run this morning was scheduled for an easy six miles.  Because I missed a day out of the schedule this week, I extended that a bit and did about 7 ¼.  Overall felt OK – not great, but OK.  No pain, just tired.

Travel again next weekend, but also a 5K next weekend, too.  So much going on.

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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