Life … happens

Two workouts planned this weekend – a 3 mile run yesterday (Saturday) and a swim this morning for as long as I could stand it.  I look forward to the weekend run in particular, because it feels so much less time restricted.  And I’ve done some research about swim technique and have been excited to get back in the pool to try some things.

And then, life happens.

My three-year old came down with a pretty intense fever on Friday.  He doesn’t handle being sick all that well (he’s like his mother in this sense … hi, darlin’!), so we had to split some parental duties to make sure we had coverage on both him and the baby for both Friday and Saturday nights.  My schedule is to get up at 5am to do all of this, and that has been completely blown out of the water.  Yesterday’s run didn’t happen, and I hoped to make it up this morning (and get my swim in, if everything went well), and that hasn’t happened.  My wife had a prior brunch commitment, so I’m on child duty this morning – and I find it very difficult to work in afternoon / evening runs, particularly in the Florida heat.

So, I may wind up getting a couple days of forced rest.  And though I’m pretty disappointed, that’s OK.  At some point, this kind of thing is absolutely going to happen – I’ve got two little kids, and they are extraordinarily effective at blowing plans right out of the water.

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