Unsolicited Feedback

A cool thing happened on my run last night.

I am the proud owner of a Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp that I purchased for Ragnar Tennessee last year.  These are great lights, with a ton of features.  The battery pack (and therefore the weight) is actually on the back of your head for balance, and there is also a red “blinky” light back there.  The front lamp is small but powerful, and also dimmable.  And the whole thing is rechargeable, so doesn’t require batteries.  I use it regularly, and since the Ragnar I have recharged it once, maybe twice.  It is an awesome light.

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp - I remove the top strap
Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp – I remove the top strap

So, last night I was doing one of my regular routes at about 9pm and I could feel a car behind me slow down and begin to pace me.  This brings with it a whole host of worries and thoughts.  While I generally don’t have to worry about violence in my running area, there are always idiots and I was about half braced for a bottle or something to hit me on the back.  But I kept going, and sure enough, the car (a white mini-van, it turned out) eased up beside me.  Instead of a bottle or battery or something upside the head, though, I got a surprise.

Man with hat: “That light is a great idea!”

Me: “Oh – uh – thanks!”

Man with hat: “Seriously – I love the idea!”

Me, feeling relieved: “Thanks!  I like it a lot!”

Man with hat: Drives off.

Random, I know, but this confirms something important – my light is performing its intended role.  This is a good thing.

Also – if you run at night – wear a light.  And preferably a blinky.  Seriously – it could save your life.

Ragnar Relay Leg #12
Wearing the light on Ragnar Tennessee Leg #12
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