Here be the PR log.  Couple of rules:

Other than longest run, PRs can only be set in formal events.

If it is good enough for the USTA, it is good enough for me – PRs of shorter distances can be set in longer races, as long as those splits are a part of the official timing.

Distance Time Pace Race Date
4K 26.46 10.50 Children’s Home of Kingston 4K 7/20/2013
2.5 Mile 28.47 11.31 Set in 1st 2.5m of Branford Road Race 6/15/2014
5K 27.20 8:55 Celebration Rotary Pancake Run 10/29/2017
5 Mile 1:00.5 12:09 Branford Road Race 6/15/2014
10K 1:03.38 10.16 Ashburn Farm 10K 11/24/2016
15K 1:38.38 10.35 Set in 1st 15k of 2018 Celebration Half Marathon 1/28/2018
10 mile 1:58.38 11.52 Set in 1st 10m of Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon 3/15/2014
Half Marathon 2:21.52 10.50 Celebration Half Marathon 1/29/2017

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