You always hear about people having that light bulb moment.  Sometimes it is something simple, like a picture.  Sometimes things take a more serious turn – an emergency room trip, a sudden health problem.  And sometimes, randomness – not being able to close the safety bar on a roller coaster, not being able to find a single article of clothing that legitimately fits at the mall, maybe a stray comment from a loved one or a stranger.  WHAT it was is less important than THAT it was.

My moment came in April of 2012.  We took my 6 month old son to visit my parents, and came back with this picture:

The guy that ate Matthew

The next week I bought a scale and signed up for Weight Watchers.  Six months later a friend urged me to join a Ragnar Relay team, and the following week I bought a pair of shoes and started running.

I started at 327 pounds, and got all the way down to 272 before momentum halted in July of 2014.  In July of 2015, I got all the way back up to 323 pounds (with high blood pressure to match), and made the decision that the yo-yo-ing is ridiculous.  I’m back at it again, and realize that when I’m documenting and holding myself accountable then my life is … better.

I’ve got a family, a career, and a busy life, and I live my life in a constant state of hunger. This blog is going to be about all of those things.  I want to grow old and see my boys become men and raise their own families, and so it is time to control the hunger.  At least mostly.

Help me stay accountable.  Come with me.


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