Two milestones crept up on me this week.  I wasn’t paying attention, I guess, and both came as a surprise.

On Monday morning, I crossed over the 1,000 mile threshold in total miles run.  That’s since I started in November of 2012, with the vast majority of those miles in 2013.  I got to about 960 miles by July of 2014, and that’s where it sat for a full year.  I’d had designs on trying to get 1,000 miles in 2014 alone, and a lot of reasons excuses happened – a horrible winter, an injury, laziness, etc.  I crossed that milestone in a little 3 mile run that, at the time, was the most mileage I’d done in a run in over a year.  Not how I drew it up, but we got there.  Here’s to many more.

Another interesting thing came and went – this post was my 100th post to this blog. Blogging, I’ve learned, is hard work.  I love to write, and I hope I have a bit of a talent for it, but I now understand the challenge that professional writers have about producing regularly.  If my paycheck depended on it, I’d struggle, and this blog has taught me that.  I’ve tried to do better, year long hiatus notwithstanding, and will try to do better still.

I’m making plans, and I’ve got a lot more milestones to go. There is a hell of a journey here, and I’m finding it fun to share it.  Thanks for coming along.

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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