Detox, Day 5

The following is discussion of Day 5 of my 10-day detox.  To begin with Day 1, click here.

I’ve been characterizing each day of the detox so far with short little summaries – Day 1 was about caffeine headaches, Day 2 was about worrying about caffeine headaches, etc. Day 5 was hard to characterize, though if I had to then I think “worrying about being hungry” is the optimal choice.  That is distinct from actually being hungry, though there was some of that.  Mostly I spent the day anxiously awaiting the next bite of food because I was so anxious to stave off the starvation that I am anticipating will come.

As we’ve discussed before, Day 5 began the three-day stretch that is the heart of this detox. At this point, articulating what foods are ON the approved list is actually significantly easier than listing the excluded foods.  Basically I’m allowed to have leafy greens, the group of plants that includes broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, and fruit limited to apple, pear, and unsweetened apple sauce.  Plus some condiments.

Look at that list again.

Yeah.  You can now understand my concern about the hunger.

All of that, of course, is supplemented by four (count ’em!) full shakes – the 2-scoop variety.  So breakfast was a shake, a bowl of applesauce, and the multivitamins.  Snack was a pear.  Lunch was whatever I could get on the company salad bar (wound up running out of time to go over to Whole Foods) – a pathetic little salad – and a shake.  Snack was an apple and a shake.  Dinner was a shake, the multivitamins, and a plate full of roasted Brussels sprouts tossed in a pretty good basic salad dressing. That’s it – no hidden cheeseburgers or anything.  There was a stretch in the late afternoon / early evening where I could best be described as “very hungry”, but overall this wasn’t as bad as I would have expected.  Dinner, especially, was more filling than I feared it would be.

We’re now at the portion of this show where I have legitimate philosophical doubts about what is happening.  Because I’m unconvinced that “detoxing” on a regimen like this really means anything, I don’t value the exclusion of all of the other perfectly good foods from this list.  Seriously – carrots?  Walnuts?  Rice?  Blueberries and bananas?  These are healthy foods.  Even optimal foods.  I don’t understand the point of excluding them, and since that point is almost certainly that there is a detoxification function associated with not eating them then I’m pretty certain I think it is BS.

I am, however, nothing if not stubborn when it comes to sticking with something that I’ve committed to like this.  So I’m going to do my best to stick with the protocol as written and stick this out.  If I get to the point on Sunday afternoon where I just can’t handle it then I’ll eat a bowl of the minestrone I made last week – and if having a little rice, green bean, and tomato means that this thing failed … then we’re going to have to say it was meant to be.

Incidentally, I weighed myself at the beginning of Day 2 – I was all the way up to 285 pounds.  I’ve been weighing myself daily, out of sheer curiosity, and that number has been steadily declining.  This morning I’m calling it an official weigh-in – 280.6 pounds, a loss of 4.4 pounds in less than a week.  While it is debatable whether that is real weight loss, that is progress.  My plan is working, and I’m headed back under 280 pounds.

Momentum, it is a good thing.  Until tomorrow…

Day 6 is available to read here.

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I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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