Injury Update

So … 7 days since the last post, for which there is still no excuse.  Last time it was 9 days, though, so … improvement!

Met with the doc this morning.  The primary question right now is whether or not there is a stress fracture in there, so I have an x-ray appointment in the morning to rule that out.  In the meantime, I’ve been told no running (which was understood, but is now official) – so the Superhero Half Marathon is officially a bust and I’m disappointed about that.  My hope now is that I can get the go ahead to keep the streak alive by the end of May.

Especially in the evenings now, with the weather turning nice, the runners, they are out.  And it is remarkable to me how it makes me feel to see people out running in nice weather.  I want to be out there, I want to be doing this.

I hope this isn’t a stress fracture.

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

2 thoughts on “Injury Update”

  1. I feel your pain! I’ve had a pain in my foot for the last week which is either tendonitis or a stress fracture. Neither of which are good. Hope that you can work through this and heal quickly!

    1. Here’s to healing. My follow-up with the doc is this evening, so I’ll know a lot more tonight. “pain in my foot” is going to start replacing other body parts for me in that statement.

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