Weigh In, 3-23-14

Weight:  277.2lbs

Three Week Gain / (Loss):  +1.2lbs

Two Week Gain / (Loss): (-1.0lbs)

Total Gain / (Loss):  (-50.2lbs)

So, the last time I actually posted a weigh-in was three weeks ago, on March 2nd.  I actually weighed-in on March 9th, but then missed the 16th.  That’s why you get two deltas up there.

More of the same, really, in terms of weight.  The yo-yoing around the 50 pounds down mark has gotten old, but I’m still pleased that I haven’t allowed it to get out of control.   The pattern that has developed is that I spend a couple of days going crazy and then back it off for the next couple of days.  I’m working on breaking that pattern, and I think there is some momentum there. So that’s good news.

There is also momentum with the running.  Since the last time I weighed in I’ve run a half marathon and put together several days of regular morning training.  This morning’s 5-mile run was the best start-to-finish run I’ve put together in several weeks.  And I’m back at the beginning of a half-marathon training schedule, so some of the pressure is off for the time being.  9 weeks until the next half.

Here we go…

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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