Just like I drew it up…

As I mentioned yesterday, I intended to go for a run today.  And I did – no reason to build suspense needlessly.  But…

You know that feeling when you open your eyes in the morning … and it wasn’t because the alarm went off … and it is daylight outside … and things go from peaceful dreamy sleepy to OHMYGODHOLYSHITWHATTIMEISIT panic?

Yeah, that’s how I woke up this morning.  No idea what happened to my alarm clock.  Fortunately, it wasn’t so late that I was late for work, but there was no getting a run in.  And so I was unhappy about that.

But when I left the office tonight … it seemed warm.  And it is a mark of how much I’ve acclimated to being in the not-South that I think 35 degrees is warm.  So, after bedtime for the little guy and dinner with my wife, I put on my running clothes (just shorts!) and headed out.  I almost never run in the evenings, but it felt like I needed to keep the momentum.

Man, that felt good to go do that.  Short run again, but the idea is keep moving right now.  And with relatively warm weather coming up for the weekend, there is going to be a little streak.  Scheduled to do 5 miles in the morning, and then I’ve got a 5K to do on Sunday.  That’s just going to be a “have fun” race – I’m not even going to try and PR.

I’m feeling the momentum cranking up … which is exciting …

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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