Weigh In / Long Run – 1/14

I promised a return this week – and I hereby keep that promise.

Weight – 273.4 lbs

Two Week Gain / (Loss) – (1.4 lbs)

Total Loss – (54 lbs)

Weekly Mileage – 27.8 miles

As reported, two weeks ago was a total bust … I don’t get sick often, but when I do, I try to do it right.  If was to have any hope of salvaging the marathon training I was going to have to make it happen this week.  Of course, this would be a week that involved traveling for work, but ultimately that’s something that I’m going to have to figure out.

From a food perspective, things went pretty well.  Two weeks ago (the sick one) I stayed within the Weight Watchers bounds, and this last week was close.  There was a Waffle House incident, but I’m not ashamed of that.

Hear that, triple order of hash browns scattered smothered and covered?  NOT ASHAMED.


And I felt like the running made a strong comeback.  Lately the issues have been with my mid-week runs, and that wound up being the problem this time.  Traveling just kills me, and, as I said, I’ve got to figure that out.

The long run was 16 miles this time, and a total weekly mileage of 27.8 – which are both new record.  And both of those records should be re-set next week, so lets not get too excited.  Today’s run was better than the 15-miler two weeks ago, but still didn’t feel as good as I think I’d like.  It doesn’t help that it snowed during much of the run.  Also, my nipples hurt.

I can’t help but do some math … based on this long run and extrapolating the pace out for the next 10 miles, we’re looking at just under 5 ½ hours for the marathon.  For a marathon that has a 5 ½ hour time limit.  So, yeah, I’m getting nervous about this.  8 weeks until this marathon, and two of those are going to be taper weeks … so, yeah.  Here we go.  I just have to keep trusting the training.  Trust the training.

Trust the training.

Author: woodymw

I live my life in a constant state of hunger...

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