Minor Surgery

So … I’ve decided not to post a picture of this one.

You’re welcome.  Trust me.

I had to travel for work this week, and only skipped one of my treadmill workouts (because treadmill).  And then, on the way home, getting myself worked up for getting the running going again, I do a boneheaded thing.

After I got through security at the airport, but before I put my shoes back on, I decided to untangle the shoulder strap on my briefcase.  This entailed pulling and bouncing and generally acting like I was trying to empty the contents of the briefcase.  Which would have been fine, except that I hadn’t zipped it back up when I put the laptop back in it on the other side of security.

It was all I could do not to scream loud curse words when the laptop hit my big toe.

Direct shot, right in the middle of my big toe, on my sock-covered foot.  It hurt like hell.

Of course the nail turned black immediately and I’ve been limping around for a couple of days now.  Running would have been awful.  Tonight I decided to take fate into my own hands and started working the nail over.  Pretty much immediately I broke the pressure and got a lot of blood … and also pretty much immediately it started feeling better.  After a bit more work I was able to completely remove the nail – while my wife fretted in the background that I’m going to get an infection and lose the whole foot.  Which could still happen.

The nail has been gone an hour, and the swelling is way down and my toe feels pretty much normal again.  It looks gross, but feels normal.  So there is that.

Depending on how it feels in the morning … I’m going to go for a run.

(Edit:  much more sore this morning than I anticipated after last night.  It needs another day to heal up.  <sigh>)

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